Who can take this course?

If you have had breast cancer this course is for you. If you have experienced pain, swelling or stiffness after surgery, this course if for you. If you want to be proactive in your post cancer care and learn ways to recognize and prevent the side effects from creeping into your life, this course is for you. If you are a caregiver and want to learn more to prevent the side effects so you can help encourage and support a cancer survivor, this course is for you. If you want to empower yourself, prevent and conquer the side effects of breast cancer, we’ve got your back!

Come join us for fun and interactive learning with an experienced medical professional that has helped hundreds of survivors on their road to recovery!

Why take this course

Educate and empower yourself with techniques and methods to provide relief from pain, swelling and tightness after breast cancer.
Learn to recognize and prevent potential side effects and maintain good lymphatic flow, movement and strength.
Conquer the pain, live your best life and join a strong tribe of survivors on a journey to self healing.


Course Description

If you have suffered from breast cancer side effects like pain, discomfort, swelling, or anxiety, this  healing two day seminar will empower you to become your own healer and rejuvenate your soul! During these 2 days, we will address the physical pain and side effects associated with breast cancer. You will learn physical therapy techniques including trigger point release, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, and manual lymph drainage to self treat and heal yourself. We will dive even deeper to discuss other holistic approaches and treatments involving your energy, breath control and mind set to release anxiety and promote self healing.

We will show you how to incorporate yoga and mindful meditation for better movement and a grounded mind. We will be with you each step to help you let go of physical or emotional pain to allow you to continue your journey of self enlightenment and empowerment!

About the teacher

Michelle Rice graduated from Vanderbilt University with a baccalaureate degree in Human and Organizational Development. She received her Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami. She has worked at the world-renowned Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia and she brings twenty years of experience in pain management, orthopedic rehabilitation, and cancer recovery care. She specializes in breast cancer recovery by teaching women to prevent and conquer the side effects after breast cancer.

Michelle lives in Sebring, Florida with her husband and five children and is a native to South Florida. She is a certified yoga instructor and incorporates mindful meditation and yoga exercises into her practice. She is also lymphedema certified and helps patients with both upper and lower extremity lymphedema. In her free time, she dedicates herself to her community, family, and children.


Day One: the physical therapy approach

If you are a breast cancer survivor, come join us for a day seminar to learn how to prevent and conquer the side effects of breast cancer that no one talks about. Whether you recently beat cancer or are a long standing warrior, empower yourself with knowledge.

Learn to recognize and prevent limitations from pain, stiffness, and swelling. Learn special physical therapy techniques like manual lymph drainage, soft tissue mobilization, scar tissue release, and myofascial release. Learn to recognize cellulitis and self evaluate for potential ailments. Learn breath control and appropriate exercises to improve strength, flexibility and mindfulness.

Discover who and what can help you during recovery and when to seek professional medical attention. Join a community of strong women, meet new friends, share experiences, share your new knowledge with other survivors, advocate to empower yourself and empower others!

Day Two: the holistic approach

Dig deeper and explore a holistic approach to conquering pain and anxiety after breast cancer. Learn about  your energy centers better known as chakras and learn how to clear blockages in your body and mind. Learn to focus your breath to remove anxiety and improve lymphatic flow. Learn visualization techniques to let go of your worries and fears so you can channel your energies into healing and peace.

Enhance your healing with essential oils and learn acupressure points. Dive into beginner yoga routines specified for breast cancer survivors that will keep your muscles limber and your lymph system flowing. Calm your mind and lift your spirits with mindfulness and meditation. Elevate your soul with the positive vibes of other women and join our tribe! Come with an open mind and heart to start this self healing journey with us!